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AME Home Care is your one stop solution for all of your personal home care needs

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Service Costs and Fees

Service rates are based on a number of factors to include: single or couple care, the level of service needed, benefit allowances, and many other factors that will be gathered during a detailed intake.
To find out what your specific rate will be, call us today to speak with one of our knowledgeable associates.

Hidden Charges

AME Home Care believes in full disclosure. Relationships are built primarily on a foundation of trust, and you should be able to trust your home care provider.
We never apply hidden fees or charges. You will be given all associated costs up front, before service begins so that you can make the best and most informed decision possible.

Caregiver Interviews

We know that you need to feel completely comfortable with the person providing personal care to you or your loved one. For this reason you can rest assured that through our Caregiver Compatibility PromiseTM, only the most suitable caregiver to match medical conditions, emotional status as well as personality will be scheduled to provide care.
However, we are more than happy to offer a working caregiver interview to establish compatibility.
We also offer interviews either in your home or current location, or in our office.

Service Area

Our service area spans across the greater Baltimore area. For service beyond that area, please call for scheduling

AME Company Discounts

To ensure the most comprehensive and quality based care, all clients of AME Home Care are eligible for cost saving, valuable discounts from our other companies.
Contact our office to find out more about applicable discounts through American Medical Equipment, and AME Pharmacy

Changes and Cancellations

Although we do ask for at least 24 hours notice of any changes or cancellations to your care, we do realize and fully understand sometimes that is not possible.
With AME Home Care, you are not under contract for any predetermined amount of time or care with our agency. You may cancel your service at any time without penalty.


Payments are made directly to AME Home Care to assist in avoiding the hassle of figuring out how much you owe your caregiver. We handle all billing and payments to your caregiver and through the Medicaid Waiver Program.
We accept all major credit cards, checks and money orders. Services are invoiced and mailed to the billing contact. To assist in receiving the fastest possible responses from any insurances, and prompt payment to your caregiver, invoices are billed weekly and payable upon receipt. Late fees and fees for retuned payments may apply where applicable.