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Caregiver Compatibility PromiseTM

Our Caregiver Compatibility PromiseTM ensures you or your loved one’s caregiver will be the perfect match the first time.

AME Home Care takes your care as seriously as we would for anyone in our own families. This is why we take the time to ensure we only hire the most trustworthy, experienced caregivers with a proven history of competent and passionate care.

We also take the time with each new client to perform a detailed intake to make certain we have all of the necessary information needed to appropriately match the right caregiver with the right client. This includes not only matching based on the Plan of Care, but also personality types and lifestyles.

However, you may rest assured that if for any reason the relationship does not build successfully, we will work tirelessly to locate a new caregiver without disruption to the Plan of Care or care schedule.